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    Starting with my new Bike

    Ich habe heute mein Varun Bike bekommen.
    Es war sehr gut verpackt und die Lieferung war sehr gut.
    Zusammen bauen geht ganz einfach und ist in alle ruhe in ein halber Stunde fertig.
    Vom aussehen und Verarbeitung bin ich sehr zufrieden.
    Es lässt sich sehr einfach bedienen und alles funktionierte auf anhieb.
    Nach meine erste tour bin ich wirklich begeistert und mit das Bike macht es auch Spaß Offroad zu fahren und Steigungen sind kein Problem.

    ✅ Verified Purchase

    My relatives and friends, who are electric bike enthusiasts, consider this model not just a fantastic bike but also an excellent purchase. The delivery exceeded expectations, arriving quicker than anticipated. The assembly process was a breeze, with all necessary tools provided. One of the standout features is its comfort, largely due to the easily adjustable saddle. Additionally, the fat tires contribute to a smooth ride, effortlessly handling the bumpy streets in my area. On my initial outing, I covered 11 km across various terrains, including pavement, sidewalk, and grass, experimenting with all the gears.

    The bike's 48V battery supports a commendable speed of up to 25km/h and showcases an impressive range. I put this to the test by riding 5 km on power levels 0 (no assist) and 1 (low assist) and concluded the journey with the battery still fully charged. The following day, I traveled 6 km using levels 2 and 3, and the battery indicator still read full. This bike's build is robust, tipping the scales at 34kg, with the battery accounting for a significant portion of the weight. I highly recommend this bike for taller individuals; standing at 5'9", I find it a perfect fit.

    ✅ Verified Purchase

    I received my bike about a month ago and found the setup process to be straightforward, getting it ready for a ride in under an hour. Yesterday marked my first journey on it, and it performed exceptionally well.

    After comparing several e-bikes, this one satisfied all the criteria I sought in an electric bicycle. I embarked on my maiden voyage in chilly weather with some snow underfoot. The experience was delightful, and the pedal assist function proved efficient across its five settings. The Pedal Assist System (PAS) offers the flexibility of riding without pedaling or engaging in physical exercise while pedaling. Moreover, the LCD display was conveniently legible during the ride.

    In terms of design and aesthetics, the bike stands out. Unlike many other models that feature externally mounted batteries and visible wiring, Ballistic has seamlessly integrated these components within the frame, resulting in a sleek and attractive design, particularly in black.

    ✅ Verified Purchase

    I decided to wait a bit before writing this review to truly assess the durability of this bike. It arrived promptly and assembly was straightforward. The assembly required only a few steps: mounting the seat, attaching the front tire, setting up the headlight, and fixing the handlebars. Impressively, all the necessary tools were included in the package. The bike is well-constructed, user-friendly, and impressively fast, thanks to its electric capabilities. The inclusion of disc brakes is a significant advantage, especially given the bike's speed. It also boasts excellent tire traction, proven by my successful ride through a snowstorm without any issues. This bike offers great value for its price, earning admiration for its uphill performance and stylish appearance. An added benefit is the option for a 2-year warranty, enhancing its appeal.

    ✅ Verified Purchase

    I acquired this e-bike on October 11, 2023, and it arrived by October 15, giving a clear expectation of the delivery timeframe. As a newcomer to the e-bike scene, I don't have much to compare it with, but after several rides taken by both myself and my husband, we are thoroughly impressed and in love with this bike. I managed the assembly on my own, which was straightforward, thanks in part to a very helpful instructional video. I've also customized it by adding a rack, a water bottle holder, a new seat, and a pouch. Riding through water and mud was a blast, despite getting quite dirty. The pedal assist feature has been fantastic for longer rides, and impressively, I've even managed to shed some weight while using it frequently. The battery recharges in about 3 hours, though it could extend to 4 or 5 hours if it's completely drained. From my experience, it's around 4 to 5 hours for a full charge. I'm definitely planning to purchase another one for my husband. Priced at around 1,299 euros at the time (though the price might have increased since then), I believe this bike is an excellent choice for first-time e-bike buyers. Overall, it's been a fantastic buy, and I hope this review helps someone. 🙏

    ✅ Verified Purchase

    The bike's quality and value for the price point are quite impressive. It's on the heavier side, which is typical for e-bikes. The packaging was exceptionally thorough, secured with numerous heavy-duty zip-ties, so be prepared with a razor knife, strong scissors, or wire cutters for unboxing.

    Putting the bike together was pretty straightforward, thanks to clear instructional videos. Taking my time to ensure everything was done correctly, I completed assembly in less than 90 minutes. Even those new to bike assembly should find the process manageable, especially since all the required tools are provided.

    The initial ride brought a bit of a surprise. I had the controller set to Level 1 for minimal assist and started pedaling, only to find the bike accelerating quickly. It turned out I was inadvertently twisting the right handgrip, which functions as a throttle, similar to a motorcycle. After adjusting to this feature, the ride went smoothly. You can select from assist Levels 1 to 5 for pedaling assistance or use the grip to cruise without pedaling. Level 1 offers a gentle boost, whereas Level 5 means the bike is practically doing all the work for you.

    Another slight surprise was discovering that the bike simply coasts when you release the throttle, unlike a gas motorcycle that slows down. This, however, is something I anticipate getting used to very quickly.

    ✅ Verified Purchase

    Three months into owning this bike, and it's fair to say it has surpassed my expectations. The assembly process was a breeze, as the bike arrived nearly fully put together. All it took was attaching the front wheel, handlebars, seat, and pedals, which I managed in just 20 minutes.

    The battery life is impressive, perfectly suiting my daily commutes to work and the gym, with four bars still remaining by the time I return home.

    Riding this bike is a delight, boasting speeds up to 25 km/h. The motor's acceleration is responsive, making uphill rides much easier. The suspension system deserves praise too, effectively smoothing out rough terrains.

    Customer service has been exceptional, promptly and efficiently addressing any queries or issues I had, adding to my positive experience.

    In summary, this purchase has been thrilling. The bike offers incredible value for its price, maintaining its performance after three months of use. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to economize on commuting costs. This is, without a doubt, the best E-bike I've ever owned. Highly recommended!

    I can't recommend this bike enough!

    I've had an incredible experience with my new purchase; it's easily the best thing I've acquired in a long time. The level of enjoyment I get from it is unmatched, allowing me the freedom to explore anywhere. Remarkably, I've clocked in over 900 miles during this summer alone, utilizing it not just for leisure but also as my primary mode of transportation to and from work. I've nearly amassed the entire range of available accessories for it, with a rack on its way to further enhance its utility. My affection for it is profound. Everywhere I go, it garners nothing but praise, solidifying my belief that it was a wise investment. Assembling the bike was a breeze; I had it up and running, sans the battery, in just 30 minutes. The battery itself required about 5 hours to charge fully. I can't recommend this bike enough!

    Vélo qui convient à mes attentes

    Je recommande le site varun , commande passée et comme indiqué livraison 5 jours après, réponse aux questions rapide , livraison au top , montage facile avec l aide de la vidéo et du livre dommage pas en français mais avec Google on s en sort , 🙂 une fois monter le vélo impressionne , belle qualité, robuste , j ai juste fait un petit tour, il convient à mes attentes pour l instant 😉 je recommande ce vélo et cette marque, bravo a toutes l équipe

    I would wholeheartedly recommend these electric bikes to anyone.

    I recently purchased a pair of these electric bikes during a Black Friday sale and I must say, they have been phenomenal. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy riding them in our neighborhood.

    I’m not usually one to write reviews, but I prefer to thoroughly test products before sharing my thoughts.

    In the span of three months, we’ve clocked in over 300 miles on these bikes, and the experience has been exhilarating. These bikes are robust and durable, akin to tanks. One of the standout features is the ability to customize settings according to our preferences. On an average charge, we can travel about 60 kilometers, which is quite impressive. They reach speeds of nearly 27 km/h on slight downgrades, transforming uphill biking from a strenuous task into an enjoyable experience.

    Another incredible aspect of these e-bikes is their portability. They fold in half, making them compact enough to fit into a small car. This feature adds to their convenience, allowing us to take them anywhere with ease. It's quite a sight when you unfold them and start zipping around; they certainly turn heads!

    In conclusion, I would wholeheartedly recommend these electric bikes to anyone. If you’re considering an e-bike, you’re bound to love these just as much as we do. They’re not just a mode of transport; they’re an avenue for fun and adventure.

    This bike comes highly recommended!

    Assembling the bike was a breeze. I managed to put it together in just 30 minutes, even without the battery. After a quick 4-hour charge, the battery was ready to go. I hopped on for a test ride and was impressed by its speed and smoothness. This bike comes highly recommended!

    I have been using my black Ballistic electric bike for almost a week now, and I am planning to buy a white one for my wife.

    I advise against buying from Amazon. Just yesterday, a pedestrian suddenly appeared in front of me, and in an attempt to avoid him, I ended up falling along with my bike. The fall resulted in numerous scratches on my body and also damaged the screen of my electric bike. Sadly, the e-bike was just a month past the warranty period, so I couldn't get any coverage from Amazon. Had I bought the e-bike directly from their website, I would still have had a valid warranty until this summer!

    I purchased a Varun electric bicycle on Amazon, and upon consulting with Varun's official team, I learned that they offer only a 6-month warranty for purchases made through Amazon, as Amazon seller is their authorized operating agent.

    I received this electric bike today, and my wife and I had a big argument over something else. I am angry now, but it's clear that this electric bike is not my lucky charm.

    My electric bicycle was stolen and the company refused to compensate me. I'm very unhappy.

    This bike gives off a truly robust feel.

    This bike gives off a truly robust feel.
    The assembly process was seamless. It might need a slight adjustment in the shifter and brakes. The throttle control is incredibly fun. After a full charge, I went for a delightful 17 km ride. It was really comfortable and I wasn't tired at all, thanks to the Pedal Assist and throttle features. When I got back home, the battery was still around 3/4 full. I mostly used Pedal Assist 2, but I did enjoy using the throttle quite a bit. I maintained an average speed of 25km/h during the ride (as per my Ballistic bike's readings). It was such an enjoyable experience. My neighbor took it for a spin for about 10 minutes and looks like he's convinced to get a Ballistic now too. I wholeheartedly recommend this brand and bike.

    I've already covered around 170 km without any issues, and it's quite comfortable to ride.

    The bike I purchased has lived up to my expectations. On average, it reaches about 25km/h at full speed, and under certain conditions like downhill, it can even hit 25-30km/h. I typically ride it at its maximum setting (level 5) and find that it consistently provides around 60 km of range (throttle mode) before needing a recharge, which perfectly suits my needs. The assembly process was easy and straightforward; I encountered no difficulties there. Overall, I believe the bike offers good value. I've already covered around 170 km without any issues, and it's quite comfortable to ride.

    One note: When I first received the bike, I found that the bolts for the pedals were stripped, so initial assembly was impossible. However, the manufacturer promptly provided replacement parts, demonstrating excellent customer service in resolving issues with the bike.

    They've proven to be a good choice for us so far.

    I'm not one to frequently write reviews, but when a product stands out, whether for good or bad reasons, I feel compelled to share my thoughts. This time, it's about the Ballistic E-Bike, and I must say, it's impressively good. My wife and I each bought one, and we're quite satisfied with the value they offer, especially when compared to the local E-Bike dealer whose prices start at €2,399.

    Assembling the bikes was quite straightforward, taking roughly 30 minutes for each. The process was simple enough and added a nice touch of personal involvement.

    Our first adventure was a 17 km ride, a mix of pavement and off-road terrain. The bikes performed admirably on both surfaces. I even dared a few 15-20cm jumps, and I must commend the rear suspension for handling it well, especially considering I'm 65 years young at heart but with the spirit of a 25-year-old. After the initial ride, it's necessary to fine-tune the positioning of the brake levers, gear shifter, and throttle lever. A basic metric allen-wrench set is all you need for this, and it's quite an easy task.

    The performance of the Ballistic bikes has been flawless so far. The Pedal Assist System (PAS) adds a significant ease to pedaling. It activates after about one revolution of the pedals, or you can opt to use the throttle paddle. This feature felt strange at first but quickly became second nature after a few rides. On my bike, in 3rd gear with PAS level 3 and enthusiastic pedaling, I've reached and sustained speeds of 25km/h on flat terrain, which is quite impressive for a bike. My wife, who relies more on pedal power, equally enjoys her bike and appreciates the PAS on our return trips when she's a bit more fatigued.

    One design aspect we particularly appreciate is how the battery integrates into the frame, giving the bike a sleek, clean appearance. We're not big fans of externally mounted batteries as they can be somewhat unsightly.

    In conclusion, after covering the first 240km, we're really pleased with our Ballistic E-Bikes. They've proven to be a good choice for us so far.

    This is exactly what I was expecting.

    This is exactly what I was expecting. It has a top speed of 25 km/h, although it may take a bit of time to reach that speed. I ride this bike on mountain bike trails and give it a challenging workout, but it has held up remarkably well without any issues, even after covering over 500 miles. The battery life is impressive too. I typically ride around 35 km or less, and I have never depleted the battery below half. In terms of value, I believe this is the best full suspension mountain bike if you're looking for both a throttle and pedal assist. To enhance my riding experience, I added an extra headlight, bar ends, and toe straps. This bike has replaced my 25-year-old mountain bike that broke, and I absolutely love the Ballistic.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the bike—it's a blast to ride and provides the exercise I need.

    Great fat tire e-bike with impressive power. It includes a variety of accessories. I tested it thoroughly, and it performed exceptionally well. Despite weighing 63kg at 165cm, this bike effortlessly carried me, feeling like a gust of wind. I was so enamored with the first bike I purchased that I decided to buy another one in a different color for my husband! I've encountered minimal issues, and any small inconveniences were promptly addressed by Varun's exceptional customer service. This incredible bike outshines several $2K and $3K e-bikes. You won't be disappointed if you invest in a Ballistic!

    I'm thoroughly enjoying riding the bike; it's a lot of fun and helps me get the exercise I need.

    I shopped around before deciding to try out an e-bike, and this bike offered great value with its extras and high-quality components. I've owned it since April and have already clocked over 800 miles on it. I'm thoroughly enjoying riding the bike; it's a lot of fun and helps me get the exercise I need.

    Overall, this bike is outstanding and provides a lot of enjoyment. I highly recommend it.

    The bike arrived in perfect condition, without any damage or issues. However, I encountered a battery problem later on. The company's customer service was extremely professional and they promptly offered to send me a replacement part at no additional cost. Unlike most companies that prioritize profit, Varun has demonstrated a commitment to customer service and product quality. The bike itself performs excellently, with a speed cap of 25km/h even uphill. Without pedal assist, it's a bit slow, reaching around 16km/h with considerable effort. But once you engage the motor, it becomes very fast. Overall, this bike is outstanding and provides a lot of enjoyment. I highly recommend it.

    Overall, it has proven to be a worthwhile purchase and a smart investment.

    After conducting extensive research, I decided to purchase this specific bike for several reasons. Dealing with driving can be quite inconvenient and costly, with expenses such as gas, parking fees, and parking tickets. Additionally, finding a parking spot and then having to walk to my destination can be a hassle. However, with an e-bike, I can simply roll up to the front door, saving both time and effort. One of the major advantages of owning an e-bike is the ability to ride in various environments such as parks, beaches, or even snowy terrains. This provides me with greater access to different places and venues, granting me more freedom and versatility for sightseeing and exploring. Moreover, I can easily navigate through traffic delays, ensuring that I reach my destination without any hassle. I have the choice to either pedal or use the throttle, allowing me to tailor my riding experience to my preferences.

    Assembling the bike was a straightforward process, and it came with a powerful motor. In terms of range, I can ride approximately 60-70 kilometers using the throttle mode. I have been using the bike for about six months now, and I am pleased to report that I haven't encountered any issues. Overall, it has proven to be a worthwhile purchase and a smart investment.

    I absolutely love this bike!

    I received the bike within 4 days. The only challenging part was assembling it, but I managed to do it on my own. It's not difficult as long as you think through the process. After putting it together, I tested the bike and it reached a speed of 25km/h with me, weighing 83kg, on mode 3. I also took the precaution of investing in tire slime and applied it to both tires to prevent future flats.

    I'm really happy with the bike. I ride it from home to town and simply cruise around enjoying myself. So far, nothing negative has happened, but if anything comes up, I'll make sure to post about it. I might consider getting a blinker system, a basket, a cushioned seat, etc. in the future, but considering the price, it's an excellent purchase!

    As the weather gets warmer, we plan on riding more frequently. I'll provide updates on my experience. In conclusion, this bike delivers what it promises and costs only a third of what comparable name brands charge.