1. Is this brand trustworthy?

Varun is a highly reputable brand in Europe, selling thousands of electric bicycles to European customers annually. With our extensive technological expertise and production experience, we have gained the trust of our customers. Many of our satisfied customers have voluntarily created videos to endorse our products. In 2023, we encourage you to confidently choose Varun ebikes.

Our website for Europe:

2. How about Varun's after-sales service?

Varun ebike takes great pride in its after-sales service. Every customer is treated as a VIP, and we are committed to providing fast and effective support. If you encounter any issues, you can contact us at any time, and we will do our best to resolve them promptly. We are also available for friendly chats, so feel free to reach out to us.

3. Is shippping tax included?

Tax is included for EU. If you are in another country, please consult us before making a purchase. There will be no additional charges for any product you buy from the official Varun website (

4 Could you please explain the reason behind the price disparity of Varun electric bicycles between Amazon and
Varun e-bikes are sold on Amazon at a lower price because customers on Amazon generally prefer to purchase affordable products. Therefore, we developed a budget version of the Varun e-bike specifically for sale on Amazon.

On our website, we sell Varun e-bikes of higher quality with superior components, especially the battery. The Varun e-bikes sold on feature Li-ion 10C batteries, which have a similar cost to Samsung batteries. Additionally, the warranty period for Varun e-bikes purchased on our website is longer than those sold on Amazon.

You might wonder why we don't use Samsung batteries. We would love to use Samsung batteries as they carry a strong brand reputation. However, we have faced frequent stock shortages when trying to source Samsung batteries. In 2021, we experienced a situation where the battery factory we ordered 100,000 Samsung battery cells from refused to provide them or significantly increased the prices. This led to a three-month period of zero inventory for Varun e-bikes and had a significant impact on our brand.

After multiple internal meetings and discussions, we decided to seek a new battery to replace Samsung batteries. With numerous options available in the market, our technical team conducted three months of testing and eventually selected Li-ion 10C cells. These batteries offer performance comparable to Samsung 40T cells, and the battery manufacturer also supplies batteries for several mainstream electric vehicles. Ultimately, we established a partnership with them.

We sell higher-quality Varun e-bikes on our website,  because we are committed to building the Varun brand. We want more people to know about Varun and embrace Varun e-bikes. Our goal is to establish as the platform for Varun e-bikes, which requires offering products of higher quality than those available on Amazon. Amazon is not suitable for brand promotion as it primarily focuses on sales volume and revenue rather than naming or branding products.

Each Varun e-bike on has its unique name, such as Ballistic, Rhino, Sleeper, Envoy, Altus, and many more. These names are carefully selected through extensive research and are not just random numbers or codes. We treat them like our children and take pride in naming them. We hope these names resonate with customers, and when you purchase a Varun e-bike, we want you to proudly identify and call it by its unique name!

If you have any questions, you can contact us through Our website provides the parts you need, and we are here to answer any inquiries you may have.

Welcome to join us! If you have any valuable insights or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us. We will carefully consider your opinions. You can also join our Facebook group, where we have open discussions about all things related to cycling. It's a great platform to share your daily riding experiences, and we frequently post discount offers in the group as well. With summer already here, it's the perfect time to get ready for refreshing autumn rides with an electric bike. So, what are you waiting for?

5. What is the weight of the battery?

The battery weighs 6.2 lbs (2.8 kg). It is designed to be lightweight and easily portable. Additionally, it can be effortlessly removed from the bike, making battery charging more convenient for you.

6. What are the characteristics of Varun's battery?

Varun's battery is known for its exceptional safety and reliability. Our battery cells have a high continuous amp discharge rate, surpassing many other cells in terms of capacity and amperage. This high amperage ensures powerful torque, benefiting larger riders with better movement, faster acceleration, and greater power for the Varun Ballistic model. Moreover, our battery exhibits less sag below 50% charge compared to other batteries.

7. How can I increase the range of my Varun ebike?

Since the battery capacity is fixed, the range you can achieve is limited. However, if you want to ride for a longer distance, you can carry a spare battery. By doing so, you can effectively double your range. Additionally, the batteries are lightweight and easy to carry.

8. What precautions should I take when charging the battery?

When charging the battery, ensure that you place it in an open and dry location, away from flammable objects. It is essential not to charge the battery overnight.

9. Is the battery of high quality?

Our batteries have obtained certification from international regulatory bodies, guaranteeing their safety and reliability. It is crucial to handle the battery with care and avoid violent actions such as beating, squeezing, or hitting it. Additionally, refrain from exposing the battery to water or fire.

10. How should I store the battery?

If you won't be riding your ebike for an extended period, remove the battery and store it in a cool and well-ventilated area. It is advisable to charge the battery regularly and avoid letting it completely discharge for an extended period, as this can cause damage to the battery.

11. How should I select a charger for my battery?

When charging your e-bike, always use the charger provided in the e-bike box. If your charger becomes damaged, please promptly purchase a new charger from our website. It is not recommended to use chargers from other brands indiscriminately.

12. What should I do when my e-bike's battery runs out?

If your e-bike's battery runs out of charge while you are riding, you will need to manually pedal the bike back. Although it may require some effort, it presents an opportunity to exercise your body. Please ride safely and enjoy the experience!

13. What is the maximum weight limit for riding this e-bike?

The Varun e-bike is suitable for riders who weigh less than 150 kg (330 lbs). Additionally, when using the e-bike, ensure that you do not exceed the weight limit specified by Varun for carrying additional items.

14. Can I charge the battery off the bike, such as taking it inside?

Varun e-bikes feature a removable battery that you can take out and charge at home, or you can charge it directly on the bike.

15. Is assembling Varun electric bikes difficult?

No, the assembly of Varun e-bikes is straightforward. Furthermore, we have created assembly videos specifically for Varun ebikes, which should assist you. If you still require additional help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

16. How can I disable pedal assist and only use the throttle?

With Varun electric bikes, there is no need to disable pedal assist because the pedals will not rotate when you engage the throttle. Thus, you can solely rely on the throttle to propel the bike forward without any interference from the pedals.

17. Can I use a bicycle trailer to transport my kids?

While it is technically possible to attach a bicycle trailer and transport your kids, we do not recommend it due to safety concerns. It is generally safer to opt for a smaller e-bike that is specifically designed for carrying children, allowing you to ride together comfortably and securely.

18. How long does the battery typically last before it needs replacement?

The battery of Varun e-bicycles usually lasts for around 3 years or more, depending on usage. It is recommended to replace the battery when its range is reduced to half of its original range or when it no longer meets your riding needs.

19. I am 5'6" tall with a 27" inseam. Can I ride this bike?

Based on feedback from a customer who purchased the bike for their 5'3" tall wife, it appears that the bike can be adjusted to accommodate a shorter height. With a more padded seat and the seat adjusted all the way down, their wife was able to touch the ground comfortably. This particular bike has given her more freedom and she loves it.

20. Does the bike come with an installation tool?

Yes, each of our products, including the bike, comes with an installation tool along with a charger, battery, and user guide.

21. Does the bike come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our bikes come with a warranty that typically ranges from 180 to 400 days. The specific warranty period can be found on the product details page. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

22. Can I ride the bike on the beach?

If you choose Varun's wide tire e-bike, you can ride it on the beach. This bike is designed with tires that have enough width and power to handle sandy surfaces. Customers have successfully ridden it on dirt mountain tracks and grass, and they plan to take it to the beach as their next destination.

23. Can I pay for the bike in installments?

Unfortunately, installment payment options are currently unavailable. You'll need to make the full payment for the bike at the time of purchase.

24. Can I become a Varun e-bikes ambassador or agent?

Yes, we welcome partners who are interested in joining us. Varun is an inclusive and open community. If you're interested in becoming an ambassador or agent, please contact us at

25. How much does a spare battery cost, and which e-bicycle is it for?

The price for a spare battery can be found on the parts page of our website. Please refer to the specific e-bike model's parts section to find the corresponding spare battery.

26. What is the lowest temperature at which these e-bikes can be used?

The working temperature range for Varun electric bikes is between 15°F and 120°F (-9°C and 49°C). It is recommended to operate the bikes within this temperature range for optimal performance and to avoid potential damage to the battery and other components.

27. Quick PSA: Battery Care Guide

All modern e-bikes run on lithium batteries. These types of batteries offer significant storage and discharge rates in a compact package. Proper care is crucial for extending the battery's lifespan and ensuring optimal performance. Please note that these guidelines apply not only to Varun's e-bicycles but also to all consumer electronics powered by lithium batteries.

★ Avoid full discharges or overcharging

Fully discharging or overcharging the battery can cause permanent damage.

Each battery pack comes with a Battery Management System (BMS) that helps prevent overcharging and deep discharging. However, certain scenarios can still lead to overcharging or over-discharging.

★ Overcharging - When the battery is fully charged, avoid intense braking (such as braking downhill) as the regenerative braking system may temporarily shut off the bike to prevent overcharging.

★ Over-discharge - Avoid running the bike's battery to empty. If you do, recharge it back to 70% capacity as soon as possible. Never store a fully discharged bike for an extended period.

★ Avoid extreme temperatures

Batteries perform best within an ambient temperature range of 50°F to 95°F (10°C to 35°C).

During storage, batteries should be kept between -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C).

★ Maintain 70% charge for long-term storage

Never store an e-bike fully charged or fully discharged. Fully discharging a battery during storage can lead to a deep discharge state, rendering it incapable of holding a charge. Storing a battery fully charged can result in some capacity loss, leading to a shorter battery life.

28. Maintenance

All machines require regular maintenance and care. Regularly check bolts and screws to ensure they are secure. This will prevent future issues. By being responsible owners, these bikes will serve us for a long time.

Safe riding, everyone!

29. Can I reach the top speed and get the best range when I ride?

Our data was measured under ideal conditions. Several factors can affect your speed and range, including rider weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed, and brake mode.

30. Are you supporting older models?

We will continue our best efforts to support all our commercially released models. Most of our designs offer backward compatibility, allowing for cross-compatibility with older models. However, in some cases, we may discontinue specific parts or components due to supplier availability issues, resulting in a shortage of replacements.

If you need a particular part or component, please contact our customer service department with pictures and information about your bike model.

31. How to transport my bike?

1.Remove the battery pack and place it in a properly padded box. Do not keep the battery on the bike while transporting it on a bike rack or in a truck bed.

2.Secure your bike adequately if using a rack or tie-down in a truck bed.

3.Use foam or padding to protect the bike's paint.

4.Cover the bike if it will be exposed to the elements.

5.Lock your bike for added security.

6.Store the battery box in a secure and safe location, away from heat, moisture, or electrical sources.

32. Why doesn't the headlight or motor work after putting the battery back in the bike?
If you had zero problems with your Varun electric bike before removing the battery, the issue may be a faulty wire connection between the battery and the bike when reinstalling the battery. Simply reconnect the wires.

33. Which charger do I need for my bike?
When purchasing a new charger, please consider the following:
1.Every e-bike has a specific charging voltage, so ensure you choose a charger that matches your electric bike's charging voltage.
2.It's recommended to buy chargers from your e-bicycle manufacturer.
3.When purchasing a charger, select the correct plug type.
4.When using a new charger for the first time to charge your electric cycle, keep it within your sight.

34. How to Perform a Quick Clean on Your Electric Bike
If you don't have time for a thorough cleaning but need to give your e-bike a quick wash, follow these steps:
Always remove the battery before cleaning.
1.Use a damp cloth or brush with a small amount of soap, if necessary, to scrub the bike from wheel to wheel.
2.Clean the drivetrain using a bike de-greaser.
3.Use a disc brake cleaner to clean the brakes. Avoid using soap on disc brakes, as any residue can cause them to squeal.
4.Dry the bike thoroughly before replacing the battery.

35. Is a special license required to ride an E-Bike?
Varun electric bike E-bikes are designed in compliance with US regulations, so riders do not need a special license to ride our bikes. However, this applies specifically to Varun branded e-bikes and may not apply to all other types of electric bikes.

36. How can I get bike service if needed?
We recommend finding a local bike shop that offers services for e-bikes. If you cannot locate a local shop, you can search for mobile mechanics on Google.

For warranty-related work on your bike, please contact our Support Team, and we will assist you in arranging the necessary service.

Many local bicycle repair shops now offer service for electrical components. Our bikes are designed with easy access to parts, and cables can be easily unplugged. Several electrical components are modular and can be replaced by someone with expertise in handling such components. The screws used are stainless steel hex types, allowing for easy removal with common tools. Additionally, the LCD display can perform self-diagnostic tests for basic errors, and we can guide you through other troubleshooting steps to identify any issues.

If a part is found to be defective within the warranty period, we will repair or replace it. If the part is no longer under warranty, we can provide repair services or offer a replacement from our available stock. We strive to promptly and effectively address any issues you may encounter, leveraging our industry knowledge to stock the necessary parts and assist our customers.

37. Can I use my own or another brand's battery on your bike?
Using a different battery on our e-bike may compromise its reliability and safety. It is important to note that using a battery other than the original Varun electric bikes battery pack will void your warranty. However, if you still choose to use alternative batteries, please ensure that your technology is mature and the batteries you use are reliable and safe.

38. Can the bikes be ridden without pedal assist, similar to a regular bicycle?
Yes, if you turn off the electronics completely, the bike can be ridden like a regular bicycle. Keep in mind that the electronic system adds weight to the bike, so pedaling will require more effort.

39. How can I prevent my e-bike from being stolen?
We cannot guarantee that your e-bike won't be stolen by thieves, but there are precautions you can take. It is advisable to purchase a high-quality lock and always lock your e-bike when parking it outside. Avoid leaving your e-bike unattended outside for a prolonged period, such as a week. When not in use, remove the battery and store it in a secure and well-ventilated place.

40. Do you have any recommendations for an electric bicycle lock?
Bike theft is a common occurrence, and using a bicycle lock is highly recommended. We suggest that customers invest in a high-quality u-lock or chain lock. These types of locks allow you to secure the bike to a fixed object easily.

41. Will I get dirty when riding on wet roads if I don't have fenders installed?
Some riders choose to remove their fenders to reduce weight and complexity. However, without fenders, any moisture on the ground will be thrown up by the tires. The front tire will throw water toward your face, and the rear tire will spray water onto your back, potentially causing you to get wet and dirty while riding on wet roads.

42. Is it possible to exceed a speed of 20mph using the throttle?
The throttle is a convenient feature on your electric bike, but it's important to note that electric bikes are still classified as bicycles, and the best performance is achieved by pedaling. To assist with pedaling effort, we offer different assist levels.

In compliance with federal law, electric bicycles with a throttle are limited to a maximum speed of 20mph. However, there are certain off-road models like the Envoy-Pro and Ballistic, Altus-Pro that can reach higher speeds. Nevertheless, we strongly advise against pursuing excessive speed, as safety should always be the top priority.

43. How can I determine the right size for a Varun e-bike?
You can find size information on each Varun electric bike page. Additionally, the seat on the Varun e-bike is adjustable, allowing you to customize it to your riding height.

44. I'm interested in purchasing a Varun e-bike, but I'm concerned about my weight. Can I still buy one?
Each Varun electric bike has a specific weight limit for riders. As long as your weight does not exceed this limit, you can purchase the Varun e-bike that suits your preferences. However, if your weight exceeds the specified tolerance range, we recommend considering a fat-tire Varun bike, as they can accommodate riders up to 330 lbs.

45. Can I ride with my girlfriend on a Varun e-bike?
Yes, it is possible to ride with your girlfriend on a Varun e-bike provided the following conditions are met:
1.The combined weight of you and your girlfriend is below the bike's rider weight limit.
2.The e-bike has a rear seat, or you can attach an additional rear seat to the Varun e-bike.

We also recommend purchasing extra batteries to extend the range and avoid having to recharge midway through your trip.

46. What preparations are necessary for a long-distance journey on a Varun electric bike?
Prepare essential daily items such as a tent, umbrella, and even cooking utensils.

Additionally, gather a set of maintenance tools (including tire repair supplies) and a pump, and familiarize yourself with repairing Varun bike tires.

It is advisable to carry extra batteries and invest in a high-quality U-lock or chain lock.

Before embarking on your trip, consult with your local bike shop for maintenance tips and recommendations on items to bring.

47. Can I ride my Varun e-bike in the rain?
While Varun e-bikes have good waterproof capabilities, we do not recommend riding them in the rain. Cycling in wet conditions can be dangerous due to slippery roads and reduced visibility. Furthermore, rainwater may damage the e-bike's battery.

In case of any unfortunate incidents, we suggest enjoying a good night's sleep after having a bottle of wine. The next day will certainly be better.

48. How should I properly utilize the brake system?
During emergencies, our natural instinct is to apply the brakes on our electric bicycle. However, if not done correctly, it may result in a fall.

When riding, if you need to stop the e-bike, please first apply the brake lever on the right-hand side. This will stop the wheel where the motor is located, preventing the bike from tilting forward.

If you were to pull the left-hand brake lever first, especially at high speeds, you and the bike may tip forward or the bike may sway sideways. Using the brake system correctly is crucial for safe riding.

49. What should you do if it stops working halfway?
If your ebike stops working halfway, we recommend trying the Power Assisted Mode. If that doesn't work, you can switch to Pedal Mode. When you get home, you can inspect the bike to identify any faulty parts. If the wheels are unable to rotate, call your friends for help and arrange for them to pick you up.

50. What should you do if your electric bicycle gets stolen?
If your electric bicycle is stolen, the best course of action is to promptly report it to the police. Additionally, check if there are any surveillance cameras in the area where the theft occurred. It is also advisable to purchase a locator and install it on your electric bicycle. This way, the police can track down your stolen bike using the locator. It is not recommended to search for your bicycle privately.

51. Is it okay to provide a mailbox address on the order page?
Please refrain from using a mailbox address, as electric bicycles cannot be delivered to such addresses. Instead, provide your home address or the address of your business.

52. Why is there no update on my tracking number?
If there is no update on your tracking number, there is no need to worry. When we provide you with the tracking number, it means the package has already been picked up by the courier company. Lack of updates might occur if the courier company fails to scan the package. In such cases, please contact us, and we will assist you in urging the courier company to scan and update the tracking information as soon as possible.

53. How do I activate Power (Pedal) Assisted Mode?
To activate Power Assisted Mode, follow these steps:
Insert the key and activate the battery.
Turn on the display of your Varun e-bike to activate the Power Assisted Mode.

54. How do I activate EV (Throttle) Mode?
To activate EV Mode, follow these steps:

Insert the key and activate the battery.

Turn on the display of your Varun ebike.

Press the "+" or "-" button on the display to activate EV Mode.

55. How do I activate Pedal Mode?
To activate Pedal Mode, simply turn off the battery using the key of your Varun ebike. This will switch your electric bike to the unpowered Pedal Mode, allowing you to pedal and use it for exercise.

56. What issues can arise from a bad connection in the wiring between the battery and the bike?
Several issues can occur due to a bad connection in the wiring between the battery and the bike:
The light may not turn on.
The display may not turn on.
The bike may not move forward when the throttle is pushed.

57. How can I transport this ebike onto an SUV (Envoy and Envoy Pro)?
To transport this ebike onto an SUV:
1.Fold the pedal on the folding side to allow the pedal handle to rotate freely.
2.Fold the bike, aligning the front wheel parallel with the rear wheel. This makes it easier to push the bike forward and backward. As you rotate the rear wheel, the pedal handle will also rotate freely, thanks to the folded pedal in step 1.
3.Attach a dog ramp to your SUV. You can then smoothly move the folded bike onto the SUV using the ramp.

58. Will I be compensated if the product is damaged by the courier company?
Rest assured, we will provide you with the corresponding replacement accessories if they are damaged by the courier company. If the entire product is damaged, we will replace it with a brand new one for you.

59. If I have purchased a Varun electric bike but I don't like it, how can I get a refund?
1.If your order has not been shipped, you can directly contact us and request a refund.
2.If your order has already been shipped, please wait patiently. When you receive the Varun electric bike, do not open the packaging. We will provide you with our warehouse address. Once our warehouse receives the returned, unused Varun electric bike, we will initiate the refund process for you.
3.If you have already used the Varun electric bike, we cannot issue a refund. However, if you encounter any issues, we will do our best to promptly address and resolve them for you.
Note: Please make sure to contact us within the specified timeframe for returns and refunds as mentioned in our terms and conditions.

60. What should I do if I have a problem with my e-bike?
If your Varun electric bike has a problem, please contact us at promptly. We need you to shoot a short video with your mobile phone to describe the issue. This video will help us better identify and confirm the problem. Once we determine the cause of the problem, we will propose a reasonable solution for you. Even if your Varun electric bike is out of warranty, we will still provide you with some benefits, such as discount codes and complimentary gifts. Please be patient throughout the problem-solving process.

61. Will I be compensated if the product is damaged by the courier company?
Don't worry, we will reissue the corresponding accessories for you. If the product is completely damaged by them, we will replace it with a new one for you.

62. Where and by whom can I have my bike inspected and assembled?
Any reputable bike store should be able to inspect and assemble your bike for you, even if you didn't buy it from them. Additionally, there are official community bike shops that offer this service. You can find them listed on the website of your local Employment Agency:

63. How does customer service and warranty work after the purchase?
If you encounter any issues with your bike after the purchase, please contact us through the platform where you bought the bike or reach out to us directly at We strive to respond within one business day. When contacting us, please provide a detailed description of the problem and include pictures or videos if possible. We will escalate your case to our technical team and provide you with a solution.

64. Can I ride my bike in the rain?
Yes, it is usually fine to ride your bike in moderate or light rain. However, it's important to thoroughly dry the bike before your next ride. Riding a wet bike can cause random disconnections. Avoid parking the bike in the rain or submerging it in water, as this is not recommended and may damage the vehicle and its electrical components.

65. What is the most important thing I can do to maintain my battery?
The most crucial aspect of battery maintenance is to charge it in a timely manner and avoid leaving it fully discharged for extended periods. If you don't use the battery for a long time, remember to charge it at least every two months to prevent it from getting completely depleted. Allowing the battery to drain completely may result in shorter trips or the display not functioning properly.
66. Do you provide spare keys for my e-bike?
Unfortunately, we do not offer spare keys. It is essential to keep your key safe to avoid the inconvenience of losing access to your bike. Please ensure you have a backup plan in case you misplace your key.

67. What is the range of my VARUN battery?
The range of your VARUN battery depends on various factors, including the battery's capacity, condition, charging cycles, terrain (e.g., flat or hilly), weather conditions (e.g., wind, temperature), and the level of power assistance used. It is challenging to provide a precise answer as it is influenced by multiple variables. During laboratory tests, each VARUN bike was driven over 100 kilometers. To maximize your range, it is recommended to use the Pedal Assist mode, which optimizes efficiency.
68. Occasionally, my display shows errors, flashes, or fails to turn on. What should I do?
This issue may be related to poor battery contacts. Firstly, clean the contacts on the battery and use a product like WD 40 or Caramba to ensure proper contact. Verify that the battery is correctly placed in the supplied stand and securely fastened to prevent any wobbling. If the display turns off during your ride, there could be a broken contact between the battery and the control unit. It is also worth checking the contacts on the control unit directly.

69. Can I adjust the handlebars on the Altus-Pro | Altus 27,5" | Altus 26" | Altus 24" | Ballistic models?
The handlebars on these models are not adjustable in height. However, you can consider using "handlebar risers" available at specialized bike dealers to modify the handlebar height. Since our bikes come in standard sizes, there are various options for handlebar adjustments on other models.
70. I'm interested in purchasing another bike. Do you offer any discounts?
Feel free to ask our sales representatives for a "loyalty discount" on another new bike or inquire about inexpensive refurbished bikes with a one-year warranty. We are here to assist you, so please reach out to us via email.

71. If my purchased electric bicycle is experiencing shipping delays, what should I do?
First, you should promptly contact us, and we will urge the shipping company to expedite the transportation of your package. Please be patient and wait for the package to be delivered as long as the shipping status is normal.

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