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VARUN Electric Bike for Adults, 350W 20MPH Commuter Ebike with 36V Removable Battery, 24'' Electric Mountain Bike with Front Fork Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes

VARUN Electric Bike for Adults, 350W 20MPH Commuter Ebike with 36V Removable Battery, 24'' Electric Mountain Bike with Front Fork Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes

€639,99€761,90  - 16%  
24" | Schwarz | 36V 7.8Ah 350W M24-124" | Weiß | 36V 7.8Ah 350W M24-1
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Pedal assisted 

Range 80-128 km

Pure electric mode

55-70 km



Customized motor
90 Nm | 350W


36V 7.8Ah



24'' Wheels


17%-38% Gradient

Fast charge
4-6 hrs




Load capacity


The M24-1  VARUN All-Terrain Electric Bike is equipped with a powerful 350W, 36V brushless rear hub motor, delivering 90NM of torque and robust climbing power. It reaches a top speed of 19.9MPH(32KMH), providing ample energy for your daily commutes, long mountain rides, or leisurely trails. Designed for your convenience and enjoyment, this adult electric bike comes with a high-quality, replaceable 36V 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery. Just a quick 4-6 hour charge allows for 55-70 km of travel in electric mode and 80-128 km in pedal-assist mode.

For a more comfortable and efficient ride, this electric bike is equipped with a full suspension system. The rear shock absorber absorbs impacts from rocks, roots, potholes, and bumps, ensuring a smoother and less fatiguing journey. The newly updated 24" x 1.95" integrated fat tires are not only more durable and stylish but also offer improved performance. They perform excellently in various terrains including snow, sand, and gravel.

The M24-1 VARUN Urban outdoor commuting Electric Bike prioritizes safety with high-quality front and rear disc brakes. These brakes ensure more effective stopping power, giving you confidence in your ride. The durable frame of this electric mountain bike is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring strength and longevity.

This electric bike shifts accurately and stably. Other notable features include a bright headlight for enhanced visibility and an easy-to-monitor LCD smart display, allowing you to customize your riding experience to your liking.

  • Drive Unit
  • Transmission
  • Battery
  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Assemble

Drive Unit 

✦ The upgraded drive unit elevates the electric bike to a new level. The motor utilizes advanced sensors to accurately compensate for changes in cadence. It starts delivering full power at a cadence of 70 rpm and maintains this power even beyond 100 rpm. With an impressive 90 Nm of torque, it effortlessly propels the rider up steep climbs. Despite its powerful performance, the drive unit operates almost silently, allowing riders to enjoy nature's tranquility without significant disturbance. The motor, made with heat-conductive magnesium and an improved housing design, ensures performance is not affected by temperature increases during climbs. This means riders can experience the drive unit's maximum torque for extended periods.

Single speed transmission and 24''x1.95'' Wide Tires

✦The M24-1 electric bike is a single speed, which offers stability and is a widely adopted and reliable gear system.

Get range and power with our battery configurations

✦ Our Lishen lithium-ion 10C battery costs the same as the Samsung 40T battery, widely recognized for its outstanding reliability and safety. Unlike many other batteries that only offer high capacity or high current intensity, Varun's M24-1 boasts both features. This high current intensity translates into impressive torque, allowing for better handling of larger riders, faster acceleration, and more power for Varun electric bikes.

✦ Moreover, compared to other batteries on the market, our battery experiences less voltage drop when the battery is below 50% charged, making it an ideal choice for users seeking top performance and lifespan.

Carrying multiple batteries for extended range

✦ The M24-1 comes with an 350W (7.8Ah) removable battery, made from high-quality cells and easily replaceable on the field. In full electric/throttle mode, the battery and motor provide power up to 25 km/h. In pedal-assist mode, you can achieve a range of 80-128 km, more than sufficient for general commuting.

✦ If you require a greater range, you can carry an additional battery pack and replace it when the battery runs low. And you can easily take out the battery without removing the seat.        

High quality aviation aluminum frame

✦ As an off-road or mountain bike, we've made extra efforts to ensure the bike is conveniently suitable for both urban and rural residents' lifestyles.

✦ To ensure the bike isn't too heavy without sacrificing strength, we chose to use high-quality aviation aluminum for the frame. This material makes the bike both light and sturdy, without the high costs associated with more exotic materials like carbon fiber.

Hydraulic suspension and high quality dual disc brakes

✦ The VARUN M24-1 Electric Bike is equipped with a high-strength hydraulic suspension front fork and rear shock system, providing enhanced shock absorption and a smooth riding quality. This premium suspension system ensures optimal comfort and stability, allowing the rider to confidently tackle a variety of terrains.

✦ To ensure safe braking power in any weather condition, the M24-1 is equipped with high-quality front and rear disc brakes. These brakes offer stronger and more sensitive braking, providing reliable performance when you need to stop quickly. Additionally, the braking system is adjustable to personal preferences, allowing riders to customize the braking strength according to their riding habits and comfort level.

95% Assembled

✦Our M24-1 electric bikes come to you 95% pre-assembled for your convenience. We leave a few simple parts for you to assemble, providing an enjoyable hands-on experience. Additionally, you'll find easy-to-follow assembly tutorials right on the product page, ensuring a smooth and satisfying setup process. Dive into a bit of DIY fun with M24-1 electric bikes!

1.【Stable speed】

This electric Urban outdoor commuting bike is equipped with a brushless 90 Nm high-torque motor. It making hill cruising or riding on uneven roads easier.

2.【Comfortable Riding Experience】

An ergonomically designed horizontal handlebar, an adjustable seat with thick foam padding, and a suspension system that protects your spine and reduces pressure, all contribute to a more comfortable journey. Whether you're seeking a faster commute, a more efficient workout, or more excitement on weekends, this high-performance mountain electric bike meets your needs.

3.【Delivery and Warranty】

VARUN electric bikes are shipped from Germany and can be delivered to your door within 1-5 days after dispatch. Additionally, this electric bike comes with a 2-year warranty.

4.【Bright LED Headlight】

Our bikes are equipped with LED headlights, providing powerful illumination and a good visibility range of up to 12 meters. With the headlight and reflectors, you can ride safely at night.

5.【Why Choose Varun】

VARUN electric bikes are eco-friendly and don't harm the natural environment. They allow you to exercise and avoid traffic congestion. Additionally, they can help you save on gas costs. They enable you to explore places inaccessible by car and eliminate the hassle of finding parking. Plus, you can use it to explore nature with friends or go to the nearby supermarket. You can use it like a regular electric bike, or switch to pure electric mode when you feel tired. It's the perfect gift for yourself or your family.

6.【Cancel speed limit】

1. Turn on the screen

2. Press and hold the "+" key and the "-" key at the same time for 2 to 3 seconds to enter the next page.

3. Press and hold the "M" key and the "-" key at the same time for 2 to 3 seconds to enter the next password page.

4. Click the "+" and "-" keys to adjust the number size, click "M" to select the next number, and finally set the password to 0512.

5. Click the "M" key to enter the next page

6. Click the "M" key again to enter the next page. L5 appears on the screen and 25km appears at the bottom of the screen.

7. Click the "+" key and "-" key to adjust the number size, from 25 to 40.

8. Finally, press and hold the "M" key for 2-3 seconds, and the screen will return to the main page. The speed limit will be successfully disabled. Then, with the speed limit disabled, you can achieve higher riding speeds.

Note - It's important to exercise caution and comply with local traffic regulations when using electric bikes. Make sure to check the laws and regulations in your area before making any modifications.

7.【Powerful Motor】

Varun electric bikes are labeled as 350W to comply with EU standards. However, the real power of these bikes lies in their torque. With powerful motor, they provide strong assistance in conquering steep hills. Varun electric bikes are designed for impressive safety performance, well-equipped to help riders easily tackle challenging terrains.

8.【After-Sales Service】

If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact us. We will promptly connect you with our technical support team or the local Varun service center to assist you. You can also download product manuals and user guides from our website for more information.

9.【Google Ads Approved】

The official Varun website has undergone rigorous review by Google, which is why we are permitted to advertise on Google. This indicates that Varun's official website is trustworthy. We are committed to protecting the legal rights of our customers who purchase products on the Varun official website and to providing them with quality service.

10.【Bicycle Shipping Online】

After receiving your order, your dream bike will be individually assembled and tested by experts. After the final check, it will be safely and professionally packaged to continue its long journey. You will receive a bike that is almost fully assembled and adjusted. All you need to do is straighten the handlebars, tighten the pedals, install the front wheel, etc., and then the fun can begin.

11.【Large Inventory and Fast Shipping】

Our delivery times are very short, as we have stock of almost all bike models. Meeting this goal requires the timely production of thousands of bikes that are waiting for your order in our own warehouse. This means almost no time is wasted, and within a few days of placing your order, you can enjoy the convenience of having the bike delivered to your door.



✦Product certification: CE
✦Pure electric mode: 35-45 miles | 55-70 km (Rider: 50Kg)
✦Power/Pedal assisted mode range: 50-80 miles | 80-128 km (Rider: 50Kg)
✦Speed: 25 km/h
✦Incline: 17%-38% Gradient
✦E-bike dimension: 157cm x 100cm x 80cm
✦Bike weight: 27Kg
✦Rider weight limit: 150Kg
✦Rider height: 135cm - 175cm
✦Fast charge time: 4-6 hrs
✦Light: Head light
✦Wheel size: 24'' x 1.95''
✦Waterproof rating: IP65
✦Tire size: 24'' x 1.95''
✦Horn: mechanical horn
✦Display: LCD display
✦Brake style: Disc*2
✦Material: Aluminum
✦Warranty description: 15 months
✦Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult


✦Unique Suspension Fork
✦Drive: One-Wheel Drive
✦Battery: 36V 7.8Ah
✦Motor: Torque 90 Nm | 350W
✦Drivetrain: Electric Motor Drive
✦Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 5% of battery)


✦‎‎E-bike, Instruction manual, Battery, Battery key, Charger, Seat, Pedals, Tool set (Phillips screwdriver, Wrench, Allen key)


✦Please search for the relevant content in the navigation bar or menu. If you wish to download, please use a computer for the download.



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VARUN Electric Bike for Adults, 350W 20MPH Commuter Ebike with 36V Removable Battery, 24'' Electric Mountain Bike with Front Fork Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes

VARUN Electric Bike for Adults, 350W 20MPH Commuter Ebike with 36V Removable Battery, 24'' Electric Mountain Bike with Front Fork Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes

€639,99€761,90  - 16%  
24" | Schwarz | 36V 7.8Ah 350W M24-124" | Weiß | 36V 7.8Ah 350W M24-1
Laufzeit 3-5 Werktage | für DE Kunden
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