VARUN E Bike Mountainbike 26 Zoll, Klapprad E-Bike mit 48V 10.4Ah/7.8Ah Akku, Ebike Herren Damen, Elektro-Mountainbike mit 21-Gang-Getriebe, LCD, Faltbares MTB, Reichweite 80-90KM

VARUN E Bike Mountainbike 26 Zoll, Klapprad E-Bike mit 48V 10.4Ah/7.8Ah Akku, Ebike Herren Damen, Elektro-Mountainbike mit 21-Gang-Getriebe, LCD, Faltbares MTB, Reichweite 80-90KM

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M26-S (48V battery / Torque 75 Nm motor / LCD display)
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Pedal assisted 

Range 55-85 km

EV mode range

40-50 km


25 km/h

Customized motor
60-75 Nm | 250W





26'' Wheels


10%-30% Gradient

Fast charge
4-6 hrs




Load capacity

✦Old M26


The M26-S is a foldable electric mountain bike..

✦ In recent years, electric mountain bikes have gained popularity among riders, and Varun has introduced a foldable electric mountain bike based on this trend. The size of this electric bike after folding is small enough that you can easily fit it into the trunk of your car. It meets your off-road needs while also saving space in your indoor area when folded.

The M26-S electric bike is equipped with a high-quality 7.8Ah 48V lithium-ion battery, providing long-lasting power for extensive rides. The battery is detachable, making it convenient for charging at home or work. The range in full throttle mode is approximately 40-50 kilometers, and in pedal-assist mode, it ranges from 55-85 kilometers. It features three levels of speed modes and three riding modes, with a top speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour. The professional Shimano 7-speed gear system ensures precise and stable shifting, allowing you to adapt to various terrains with ease. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful rear motor that helps conquer most steep slopes, and high-quality dual-disc brakes for smooth braking.

Furthermore, the M26-S is equipped with the latest high-definition LCD display, allowing you to clearly see your riding data during both daytime and nighttime rides.
  • Transmission
  • Super Range
  • Frame
  • Battery
  • Suspension
  • Assemble

Shimano TX30 7-Speed transmission

✦The M26-S electric bikes are equipped with Shimano TX30 7-speed transmission to give you a wider range of action and adapt to different terrain. The Shimano 7-speed transmission is a widely adopted and dependable gearing system.

✦With seven gears to choose from, riders can easily shift between different speeds to adapt to changing conditions. The lower gears provide easier pedaling for climbing steep hills or riding on challenging terrain, while the higher gears offer increased speed and efficiency on flat roads or downhill sections.

Carrying multiple batteries can help you get more range

✦M26-S features a 7.8Ah removable battery made of high-quality cells that could easily be swapped on the field. On full EV/throttle mode the battery can power the bike for up to 25km/h. And you can achieve a range of 55-85 km in pedal assist mode, more than enough for the average commute.

✦If you need more range, you can always carry another pack with you and swap it when the battery runs low. And you can easily take out the battery without removing the seat. 

High quality foldable carbon steel frame

✦✦As cross-country bike or a mountain bike, we put in extra effort to ensure the bike would conveniently fit the lifestyle of a city or rural dweller.

✦To make sure the bike wasn’t too heavy with out sacrificing strength, we chose to build our frames from high quality carbon steel. This material allows the bike to be light and strong without carrying the high cost of more exotic materials like carbon fiber.

✦We choice to build the bike on a foldable frame. The design of the frame allows the full size bike to be folded down to a 90*100*40 cm package making it easy to store in your apartment or toss into the back of your car’s trunk.

Get range and power with our battery configurations

✦The Lishen li-ion 10C battery we employ comes at a comparable cost to the Samsung 40T battery, which is widely recognized for its superior reliability and safety. Unlike many other battery cells that only possess high capacity or high amperage, Varun's battery cells boast both of these characteristics. This high amperage translates into impressive torque, allowing for better handling of larger riders, quicker acceleration, and more power for the Varun ebike to leverage. 

✦Additionally, our battery offers less sag below 50% charge than other batteries on the market, making it an ideal choice for those seeking top-notch performance and longevity.


Hydraulic suspension front fork and high-quality dual disc brakes

✦The VARUN M26-S electric bike features a high-strength hydraulic suspension front fork and rear shock absorption system, providing enhanced shock absorption and smooth ride quality. This premium suspension system ensures optimal comfort and stability, allowing riders to tackle various terrains with confidence.

✦To ensure safe stopping power in any weather condition, the M26-S is equipped with high-quality front and rear disc brakes. These brakes offer stronger and more sensitive braking, delivering reliable performance when you need to come to a stop quickly. Furthermore, the braking system can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, allowing riders to customize the brake strength according to their riding habits and comfort.

95% pre-assembled significant parts

✦M26-S e-bike comes with 95% pre-assembled significant parts. Some simple parts are left for you to enjoy hands-on fun. Also, there is a tutorial you can find on the product page.

Why Buy from Varun's Official Website?

✦Latest Model: Electric bicycles available on Varun's official website are always the latest models, incorporating updated technologies and materials.

✦Reliable Warranty and After-Sales Service: Purchasing from Varun's official website ensures that you receive the most direct and reliable warranty and after-sales service from Varun. Other platforms may not offer the same level of support and benefits.

✦Faster Shipping: When you buy from Varun's official website, you can expect faster shipping and delivery times. Additionally, by staying in touch with us directly, you can build a long-lasting relationship that extends over several years.

1.【High-speed Motor and High-quality Battery】

This electric bike is equipped with a brushless 60-75 Nm high-speed motor. Its powerful motor is capable of helping you conquer steep hills. It offers 3 speed levels, making cruising in the mountains or riding on uneven roads easier.

2.【3 Operating Modes】

Pure Electric Mode – After installing the throttle, you can switch to pure electric mode. Electric Power-Assisted Mode – Pedal while enjoying the electric power assistance, making your riding more energy-saving. Normal Riding Mode – Turn off the power and use it like a regular bicycle.

3.【Comfortable Riding Experience】

The M26-S LCD display provides necessary information to the rider, including mileage, speed, speed level, and battery charge. 

4.【Delivery and Service】

VARUN electric bikes are shipped from Germany and can be delivered to your doorstep within 1-5 days after shipping. Additionally, this electric bike comes with a 15-month warranty.

5.【Easy Riding】

Ergonomic crossbar handlebar, adjustable saddle with thick soft foam padding, and suspension system to protect your spine and reduce stress, allowing you to travel more comfortably. Whether you're looking for a faster commute to work, a more efficient workout, or more excitement on weekends, this mountain e-bike with reasonable performance delivers on all fronts.

6.【Bright LED Headlights】

Our bikes are equipped with LED headlights that provide strong illumination and good visibility of up to 12 meters. Along with the headlight and taillight, you can ride safely at night as well.

7.【Why Varun】

The VARUN electric bike is an environmentally friendly e-bike that doesn't harm the natural environment. It allows you to exercise and avoid traffic congestions. Additionally, it can help you save on gasoline expenses. It enables you to explore places cars can't reach and eliminates the hassle of finding a parking spot. Moreover, it provides the security to venture into nature with friends or go to the nearby supermarket. You can use it like a regular e-bike or switch to the pure electric mode when you feel tired. It's the perfect gift for yourself or your family.

8.【Disabling Speed Limit】

1. Start the electric bike.

2. Turn on the display screen of the electric bike.

3. Adjust the speed on the LCD screen to the third level.

4. Simultaneously press and hold the power button and the "-" button on the screen for three seconds.

5. The speed limit will be successfully disabled. Then, with the speed limit disabled, you can achieve higher riding speeds.

6.Note - It's important to exercise caution and comply with local traffic regulations when using electric bikes. Make sure to check the laws and regulations in your area before making any modifications.

9.【Its Real Power】

Varun electric bikes are labeled as 250W just to comply with EU standards.

However, the true power of these bikes lies in their torque. With a robust motor, they are capable of providing strong assistance for conquering steep hills. Designed to deliver impressive safety performance, Varun electric bikes are well-equipped to help riders navigate challenging terrains with ease.

10.【Varun's Services】

If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us at any time. We will promptly connect you with our technical support team or a local Varun service center to assist you in resolving the problem. You can also download product manuals and user guides from our website for additional information.

11.【Reviewed by Google Ads】

Varun's official website has undergone rigorous scrutiny by Google, which is why we have been approved to advertise on Google. This means that Varun's official website is trustworthy. We will strongly uphold the legal rights of our customers and provide them with excellent service when they purchase products on Varun's official website.

12.【Bicycle Shipping Online】

Upon receiving your order, your dream bike will be individually assembled and tested by experts. After a final inspection, it will be securely and professionally packaged to continue its long journey. You will receive a bike that is almost fully assembled and adjusted. All you need to do is straighten the handlebars, tighten the pedals, install the front wheel, and more—then the fun can begin.

13.【Large Inventory and Fast Shipping】

Our delivery time is incredibly short because we have inventory for almost all bicycle models. The prerequisite for achieving this goal is the timely production of thousands of bikes that are awaiting your order in our own warehouse. This means there is hardly any time wasted, and within a few days of placing your order, you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery for your bike.



✦EV/Throttle mode range: 40-50 km  (Rider: 40Kg)
✦Power/Pedal assisted mode range: 55-85 km (Rider: 40Kg)
✦Speed: 25 km/h
✦Incline: 10%-30% Gradient
✦Weight: 30Kg
✦Rider weight limit: 150Kg
✦Rider height: 155cm - 195cm
✦Fast charge time: 4-6 hrs
✦Light: Head light
✦Wheel size: 26'' x 2''
✦Waterproof rating: IP65
✦Tire size: 2'' x 2''
✦Horn: mechanical horn
✦Brake style: Disc*2
✦Material: Carbon steel
✦Warranty description: 15 months 
✦Suggested Users: ‎Unisex


✦Unique Suspension Fork
✦Drive: One-Wheel Drive
✦Battery: 7.8Ah
✦Motor: Torque 60-75 Nm
✦Drivetrain: Electric Motor Drive
✦Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 5% of battery)


✦‎‎E-bike, Instruction manual, Battery, Battery key, Charger, Seat, Pedals, Bag, Tool set (Phillips screwdriver, Wrench, Allen key)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The electric bike is great, but I experienced a delay in package delivery.

I purchased the electric bike on November 15th to avoid any delivery delays caused by the upcoming Black Friday, but unfortunately, my package was still delayed, and I didn't receive it until the 25th. I'm extremely dissatisfied with this experience. However, I haven't encountered any issues so far with the assembly or basic riding of the bike. It has a powerful motor and overall provides a good riding experience.

Nevertheless, I would deduct two stars from my rating.

Joanna Niewiadomska
I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in every way.

I recently purchased the Altus E-Bike for my teenager, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment it arrived at my doorstep, I knew I was in for a treat. The packaging was well-designed and ensured that the bike arrived in pristine condition. Setting it up was an absolute breeze, thanks to the straightforward instructions and the bike's user-friendly design.

But the real joy came when my teenager hopped on the saddle and took off on their first ride. The Altus E-Bike instantly became their new favorite pastime. The bike's smooth and powerful performance truly impressed us both. It effortlessly tackled various terrains and inclines, providing a thrilling and exhilarating experience every time. The Altus truly lives up to its name!

One aspect that particularly impressed me was the battery life. Even after extended rides, the battery proved to be incredibly long-lasting, allowing my teenager to enjoy hours of uninterrupted riding pleasure. And when it did finally need a recharge, the charging time was surprisingly fast. This quick turnaround made sure my teenager never had to wait long before they were ready to hit the road again.

Having experienced the joy and reliability of the Altus E-Bike firsthand, I would wholeheartedly consider buying another one in the future. It has become an integral part of our family's outdoor activities and has even sparked a newfound passion for cycling in my teenager. With its exceptional performance, long-lasting battery, and ease of use, this e-bike has truly won us over.

If you're in the market for an electric bike that combines power, durability, and an exciting riding experience, look no further than the Altus E-Bike. It's a top-notch choice that will leave you and your loved ones craving more adventures on two wheels.

Nina Rheinhardt
I absolutely adore my Altus electric bike.

I absolutely adore my Altus electric bike. I currently own two of them, and my family has been using them for several months now. The battery life is impressive, and charging them is a breeze. The bike performs exceptionally well on various terrains, including hills and grass. I wasn't a big cyclist before, but now I find myself riding four times more often than before. It's fantastic because if I ever feel tired but my kids want to keep going, I can use the electric mode for a break. And when I just want to relax and enjoy a leisurely ride, I can switch to electric mode and let the bike do most of the work.

I frequently use a kids' cart that I attach to the bike, and whether I'm using it manually or in electric mode, the bike handles it with ease. The only minor downside is that the seats can be a bit uncomfortable, but my family upgraded ours, and we absolutely love the new seats. For reference, I'm 5'3" tall, and when I come to a stop, I can comfortably stand in front of the seat instead of having to tiptoe. I'm even planning on buying a third Varun electric bike once my son is tall enough to handle it. Overall, I can confidently say that my Varun electric bike has significantly improved the quality of my life.

Maurice T.
Trust me, you will enjoy it!

Recently started using electric bikes, and I was looking for something lightweight that wouldn't be overwhelming for me as I haven't ridden a bike in a long time. This bike is absolutely perfect for me in that regard. It's a well-made bike that comes at an affordable price and is easy for me to handle. Initially, I had some reservations about buying an electric bike, but I can honestly say that this bike is a lot of fun and allows me to engage in an activity I love and missed as a stress-reliever. The weight of the bike is very comfortable for me as a beginner, and it has motivated me to ride a bike again after many years. It makes me feel young again, like a kid. It's a fantastic bike, and I adore it. If I were to suggest one upgrade, it would be the comfort seat package, which you can purchase directly from their website. Trust me, you will enjoy it!

VARUN E Bike Mountainbike 26 Zoll, Klapprad E-Bike mit 48V 10.4Ah/7.8Ah Akku, Ebike Herren Damen, Elektro-Mountainbike mit 21-Gang-Getriebe, LCD, Faltbares MTB, Reichweite 80-90KM

VARUN E Bike Mountainbike 26 Zoll, Klapprad E-Bike mit 48V 10.4Ah/7.8Ah Akku, Ebike Herren Damen, Elektro-Mountainbike mit 21-Gang-Getriebe, LCD, Faltbares MTB, Reichweite 80-90KM

€649,99€999,00  - 35%  
M26-S (48V battery / Torque 75 Nm motor / LCD display)
Solid White | Extra long 1 yearObsidian Black | Extra long 1 year
Transit time 3-5 business days | for EU customers


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