2. I've been using the Varun electric bike.

2. I've been using the Varun electric bike.

I've been using the Varun electric bike.

The Varun electric bicycle is quite environmental friendly, which doesn’t cause any pollution to the environment. Moreover, the Varun ebike has a long battery life which can fully meet our travel needs. Of course, if you need a longer range, you can carry multiple extra batteries, so you can use them to go further.

Of course, the electric bicycle also has many disadvantages. Firstly, we can’t ride in rainy days. I mean, it can’t shelter us from the wind and rain, and the road is slippery when it rains, which may cause us to fall. In short, if we ride in the rain, it is very unsafe. Of course, if you drive in the rain, there is no such concern.

It takes longer to get to the park by bike than by car. Regarding this point, I cannot deny that the speed of an electric bicycle is limited, and it can’t compete with the speed of a car. If we drive for an hour, it may take 2-3 hours to ride a bike.

Even so, I still love my Varun e bike. The city I live in is small, and the farthest place I've ever been
has never been over 40 miles,  so it can fit my needs easily. Of course, the electric bicycles have an advantage that all of us can’t refute. It can save your money such as no refueling fees , no parking fees, and no insurance for it. And its maintenance is also very simple.

I like cycling because the Varun electric bike can take me to the places where cars cannot reach, such as parks. In my city, I need to park the car in the parking lot and walk in the park on foot. In fact, this park is very large. If you just take a walk, I think you may not be able to explore even one-fifth of it, but if you bring an electric bicycle, then you can explore every corner of the park and even discover lots of moving tents.

I have been using my Varun e-bike for a long time, it is a part of my life, riding outside can make me forget the tiredness of work, and it also allows me to wander the streets leisurely.

My friends and me are not living far away, and i and it only takes half an hour to ride to the place where my friends live, which is not too long for me, and I still have time to have a drink with them. Whenever I come back, I will lock my Varun electric bike in my garage, I will take out its battery and charge it in an open area. It is necessary to improve my safety awareness.

Tomorrow will be a new beginning.
I will continue to update my riding notes, and I hope everyone can join Varun and let us ride together happily.

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