Varun e-bicycles is an inclusive family, and each member of us is using Varun e bikes. The quality of Varun electirc bikes makes every employee feel at ease. Of course, we will also bring this confidence to each of our customers.

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We are Dongguan Jingjinghong Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd which is based in Guangdong Province, China. Dongguan Jingjinghong Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is a CNC processing company mainly producing precision parts for electric bicycles and electric skateboards. We have a factory with 500 square meters. The factory is divided into machine tool workshop, office, design room, product storage room, product testing area and so on. Our company currently has 21 employees and 20 pieces of CNC machines. All parts are designed and produced by ourselves. The CNC parts we produce are mainly sold to France, Germany, Spain and other European countries. The bicycle parts we produce include gears, pedal linkage, fender, disc brakes, gear plates, battery box, hub, gear box, truck, motor cover, hub cover, etc. We have 3 designers, they will provide customers with design drawings of more than 100 parts every year, we will send these drawings to our customers for confirmation, and finally process CNC parts according to the drawings. Of course, we will conduct scientific sampling inspection on each batch of parts we produce to ensure that they are all qualified. If a batch of parts is found to be unqualified, we will destroy them without hesitation. It is our aim to provide our customers with qualified and precise products. In 2022, after the decision of the company's leadership, we set out to enter the field of electric bicycles. We expect to provide our customers with high-quality electric bicycles. We have this confidence because we have powerful ability on producing parts  and manufacturing.

The emails, telephone numbers and addresses displayed on this website belong to Dongguan Jingjinghong Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

After a year of search and negotiation, we finally reached a cooperation with HANGZHOU ZHONGYIYING NETWORK TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD. We signed a 7-year cooperation agreement with HANGZHOU ZHONGYIYING NETWORK TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD on January 1, 2023.

We were authorized on January 1, 2023 and were officially approved for online sales. The content of the website, including images, prices, descriptions, videos, etc., has been agreed with the brand.

The Varun brand is owned by HANGZHOU ZHONGYIYING NETWORK TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD. We are authorized by HANGZHOU ZHONGYIYING NETWORK TECHNOLOGYCO., LTD to use the Varun brand, and become its agent of Varun electric bicycles in the North American and European markets. We are the first-level agent authorized by the brand, which can be legally sold in the North American and European markets. Now We have officially sold Varun electric bicycles.

Varun electric bikes are popular in Europe.

Varun electric bikes dedicates itself to produce ebicycles with the high quality as its goal, and all details of manufacturing are required strictly, all the materials we use are aviation materials with the highest quality on the market, each accessory has experienced precise machining by CNC.

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Of course, we mainly sell Varun electric bicycles through the online website, and we also attach great importance to after-sales work. If our customers encounter any problems, we will do our best to solve them.

In 2023, Varun electric bike officially entered into the US market, and we expect to bring different experiences to our customers.

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Choose Varun, Varun ebikes will be your pass check to the kingdom of electric bikes. Varun will bring you safer and advanced electric bikes.

From now, you will be one of the most important Varun electric cycles family members. Varun ebikes will be proud of your participation.





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