Many riders are wondering if the Ballistic ebike is suitable for riding in snowy conditions. The answer is yes!

Many riders are wondering if the Ballistic ebike is suitable for riding in snowy conditions. The answer is yes!

Many riders are wondering if the Ballistic ebike is suitable for riding in snowy conditions. The answer is yes, the Ballistic is fully capable of riding in snow, thanks to its 26-inch by 4-inch tires. These tires provide excellent traction and stability in snowy terrain. The wider tires increase the contact area with the snow, significantly improving its performance in such conditions. Additionally, the Ballistic can also handle sandy and various other terrains.

The motor power of the Ballistic is remarkably strong, with a massive torque of 90Nm. This powerful motor enables riders to conquer steep slopes and mountains effortlessly. If you are a heavyweight rider, the Ballistic is an excellent choice due to its robust motor power and sturdy frame. Moreover, it features a full suspension system that absorbs the vibrations and shocks from the road, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. The braking system is top-notch as well, equipped with dual disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power within short distances, enhancing safety.

In terms of value for money, the Ballistic is the best option in the market for electric mountain bikes. Most fat-tire mountain bikes on the market are priced above €2,800, but the Ballistic offers similar quality at a fraction of the price. Its frame is made of high-quality aerospace aluminum, a material commonly used in large aircraft and spacecraft. The transmission system features the renowned Shimano brand, specifically the latest model, TX50.

Therefore, if you're looking for off-road riding, the Ballistic is a great choice. If you need extended range, you can purchase an additional battery, weighing only 3-5 kilograms, which can be easily carried in your backpack. This allows for longer rides, and swapping the Ballistic's battery is a simple process. You can even use the Ballistic for long-distance trips.

Varun Ballistic 26'' Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike | Extra €50 Disco – Varun eletcirc bikes (

Furthermore, the Ballistic supports the installation of a cargo rack. We've released a cargo rack specifically designed for the Ballistic on our website, allowing you to easily attach it to the rear of the bike. With the cargo rack, you can carry more items, and the Ballistic is fully capable of handling heavier weights. With its powerful motor, you can also tow a trailer behind it. If you wish to customize or modify the Ballistic according to your preferences, it is entirely possible. You can make changes based on your desires or take it to a local bike shop for modifications.

To sum it up, the Ballistic is an exceptional electric mountain bike that allows you to conquer challenging terrains, leisurely explore urban areas, or even use it for commuting. It meets the majority of your riding needs. Furthermore, the Ballistic boasts high-end craftsmanship, resulting in an eye-catching appearance. Lastly, Varun's website currently offers significant discounts, and when you purchase a Ballistic, you also receive a free high-quality electric bike lock.

If you're in the market for an electric bike, interested in Varun's ebikes, or looking to buy an electric bike for your family, I encourage you to confidently choose Varun's electric bikes. Additionally, you can find any necessary parts on Varun's website at any time.

Varun Ballistic 26'' Fat Tire Elektro-Mountainbike | Extra-Rabattcode – Varun eletcirc bikes (

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