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The difference between Pedelec and S-Pedelec is not very clear. In fact, most of the electric bicycles on the market meet both Pedelec and S-Pedelec standards.

You might have some doubts, but as an electric bicycle factory, we know more. Nearly all electric bicycles on the market have multiple riding modes, and the electric assist mode meets the Pedelec standard. Once you switch the electric assist mode to pure electric mode, your electric bicycle becomes an S-Pedelec.

Both Pedelec and S-Pedelec are designed with the rider's safety in mind. However, with the advancement of time, pure Pedelec is no longer sufficient to meet the riders' needs. Pedelec and regular bicycles are almost indistinguishable, and you cannot use them to conquer slopes or hills. Additionally, you cannot enjoy sufficient rest while riding because you have to keep pedaling. Once you stop pedaling, the assist mode stops functioning.

That's why almost all electric bicycles on the market now combine the electric assist mode with pure electric mode. However, the policies for electric bicycles vary in each region, so we advise you to comply with local traffic and relevant rules. If you can register your electric bicycle, you won't have to worry about checks by traffic police. No electric bicycle on the market can guarantee 100% avoidance of checks or fines by traffic police. Why do we say this? It's because each traffic police officer has their own judgment criteria. Once they determine that your electric bicycle needs to be registered, regardless of whether it meets the Pedelec standard or not, you will have to register it. Therefore, we have a simple workaround: when you see traffic police from a distance, please stop using the pure electric mode of your electric bicycle and switch to electric assist mode. Once the traffic police see you pedaling hard, they will likely overlook your presence.

Varun electric bicycles fully comply with the Pedelec standard. When you purchase a Varun electric bicycle, it's important to familiarize yourself with the regulations regarding electric bicycles in your area. We must all adhere to the regulations, as ensuring rider safety is our responsibility.

Varun electric bicycles have received widespread praise from riders. You may not have heard or known about Varun electric bicycles, but that doesn't matter. Once you choose to purchase a Varun electric bicycle and receive it, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with your choice. Varun values every rider and is always willing to provide convenience, allowing everyone to enjoy a smoother journey. Of course, any electric bicycle can experience damage someday, but we can assure you that when you encounter issues, we will do our best to assist you. If it's a quality issue with the Varun electric bicycle, we will provide you with free warranty service.

When you buy an electric bicycle from the Varun official website, you can contact us anytime. Even if you just want to have a chat, we are more than willing to listen. In short, the Varun electric bicycle community welcomes your participation, and we are honored and proud to have you join us.


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