✦ Varun is a highly reputable brand in Europe, selling thousands of electric bicycles to European customers annually. With our extensive technological expertise and production experience, we have gained the trust of our customers. Many of our satisfied customers have voluntarily created videos to endorse our products. In 2023, we encourage you to confidently choose Varun ebikes.


✦ Electric Bikes is dedicated to delivering exquisite e-bicycles, adhering strictly to meticulous manufacturing standards. Our products are crafted using top-notch aviation materials, with each component undergoing precise CNC machining. We hold our own invention patent, and our products have received authentication from prominent international authorities, including those in the United States and the European Union. 


✦ Our unwavering commitment to innovation and technological advancement propels us forward. We collaborate closely with design teams in the United States and Europe, constantly pushing the boundaries of e-bike excellence. Our goal is to create electric bicycles that rival the futuristic visions seen in cinema.


✦ Varun electric bikes have gained popularity in Europe, captivating enthusiasts across the continent. Since our establishment in 2017, Varun has evolved into a leading manufacturer of professional electric bicycles. Spanning across 5,800 square meters, our factory produces over 80,000 e-bikes annually. Our customer base extends to every member state of the European Union, with Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the UK being our primary markets.



Varun electric bike is not a completely new brand. Several years ago, Varun's electric bikes started to be sold in Europe, and we were fortunate to make great progress there.

As it is well known, promoting a brand from scratch is extremely challenging because people are not familiar with Varun. In the beginning, we conducted extensive research and visited local electric bike shops. After approximately two weeks, we obtained crucial data. The overall acceptance of electric bikes among European customers is very high. Out of 500 random interviews conducted on the streets, approximately 70% of the people expressed a positive attitude towards electric bikes, 20% said they needed to consider it further, and only 10% stated that they did not need an electric bike. We also surveyed the most popular countries for electric bikes in Europe. Germany ranked highest, accounting for approximately 50% of the European electric bike market. France and the United Kingdom followed, with approximately 20% each. Surprisingly, the Czech Republic ranked third, with around 10% of the European electric bike market, while Spain and Italy had 5% each.

With this crucial data, we targeted the main market in Germany, where we collaborated with numerous influencers and communities to promote Varun electric bikes. Additionally, we heavily advertised on Google in Germany.

The popularity of Varun electric bikes did not happen quickly or by chance. We spent a full year cultivating the European market before seeing results. Of course, this was also due to the higher quality of Varun electric bikes. Our after-sales rate is less than 2%, and we handle customer issues promptly and attentively. We take each customer seriously because we know that each Varun electric bike customer is valuable, and we will do our best to ensure their satisfaction.

In 2023, we have started to expand into the US market, building on our significant achievements in Europe. We look forward to bringing high-quality electric bikes to our American customers and providing them with superior service.

Entering the US market with a brand that is not well-known to American customers is not easy, but we have confidence in accomplishing this. We are not solely focused on short-term benefits; rather, we aim to bring more cost-effective electric bikes to our customers. Furthermore, Varun electric bikes will not be a short-lived presence in the US. We hope to establish a long-lasting history for Varun electric bikes in the United States.



We welcome anyone interested to join us, whether as a Varun electric bike distributor or a customer. You will receive our genuine attention and care.

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