1. Some advice for newcomers or beginners in the electric bicycle field.

1. Some advice for newcomers or beginners in the electric bicycle field.


1. Some advice for newcomers or beginners in the electric bicycle field:

As a newcomer in the electric bike domain, it's natural to have some reservations and resistance towards embracing this new mode of transportation. I understand their hesitation and the tendency to be cautious when encountering unfamiliar things. Many people consider this mindset as a wise approach. However, in my opinion, there's no need to resist electric bikes to such an extent. The emergence of innovative products is driven by societal demands, and electric bikes are no exception. They are a result of consumer needs.

With the progress of the electric bike industry, there are now various types of electric bikes available in the market. However, for newcomers, this can be overwhelming as they face numerous options, leading to hesitations and resistance in making a purchase.

For beginners, I personally recommend purchasing a mid-priced electric bike because electric bikes are not just toys. Many customers buy electric bikes for convenient transportation and plan to use them for several years. Consider this scenario: if you opt for a cheap electric bike in the beginning to save costs, you might encounter financial difficulties later on and won't be able to easily afford a new one. If you're unsatisfied with the quality of the electric bike you bought, you'll have to endure it without much choice. Mid-priced electric bikes, on the other hand, tend to have better quality due to their higher production costs, providing a better overall riding experience. Within the mid-price range, there are various options such as fat tire electric bikes, folding electric bikes, and classic electric bikes.

Varun Ballistic 26'' Fat Tire Elektro-Mountainbike – Varun eletcirc bikes (varunebike.com)

For beginners with prior cycling experience, I suggest considering a fat tire electric bike. These bikes have larger tires, which generally provide a more satisfying riding experience. Additionally, I recommend choosing a fat tire electric bike with detachable batteries. This type of electric bike offers multiple charging options, and in the rare case of a battery fire, you can quickly remove the battery and dispose of it in a safe, open area. Thus, this type of electric bike is less likely to be completely damaged in case of a fire, minimizing potential losses. You might perceive this as a worst-case scenario, but I'm simply highlighting low-probability events and suggesting preventive measures.

Detachable batteries offer additional advantages as well. If you don't want to carry your bulky electric bike indoors for charging, you can separately take the battery inside a spacious area for charging. If you plan to store your electric bike for an extended period without usage, you can remove and store the battery separately. Some thieves may abandon the idea of stealing your electric bike when they see that the battery is missing. However, if the battery is inside the electric bike, they might damage the lock and steal the entire bike.

Envoy-pro is a fat tire electric bike that can be folded, and its battery can be quickly removed.

Furthermore, folding electric bikes are also a great option. In our next blog post, we will provide a detailed introduction to folding electric bikes and why it is important for newcomers to invest in high-quality bike locks.

Varun Ballistic 26'' Fat Tire Elektro-Mountainbike – Varun eletcirc bikes (varunebike.com)

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