Why is there no update on my tracking number?

Why is there no update on my tracking number?

First off all, thank your for choosing varun electric bike. We can understand that you want to receive your Varun ebike sooner.

In this case, please don't worry, when we send you the tracking number, your package has already been taken away by the courier company. If there is no update on the tracking number we sent you after a few days, it is because the courier company did not scan it. When it happens, please contact us in time, and we will also assist you to urge the courier company to scan it as soon as possible.

In addition, if it is a holiday or other major events, your tracking number will not be updated. These situations are caused by the low efficiency of the courier company or the lack of courier personnel. Sometimes your package (ebicycle) may be damaged due to the violent transportation of the courier, and even the courier will lose the package, even they will steal your package (ebike). Once these situations happen, please tell us in time, and you also need to contact the courier company and even need to go to the police.

In conclusion, always check your tracking number and track the delivery of the package (your e cycle), and make sure you are at home when the package is delivered.

When you receive the Varun electric bicycle, we also hope you share your wonderful riding pictures or videos with us, and we will share them with Varun family as well.

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