Battery Guide:

1. Battery Instructions:

1. For Envoy | Envoy-S | Envoy-Pro | Sleeper | Sleeper-S Model E-Bike:

Before riding, familiarize yourself with the key ports and their locations. Refer to the figure below for the alignment of the key ports with key location 1, indicated by the "ON" icon. In key position 1, the battery is in the "ON" state and locked to the frame, preventing key removal.

Key Positions:
1 - Power on, battery locked to frame.
2 - Power off, battery locked to frame.
3 - Power off, battery unlocked from the frame for removal.

2. For Altus 27.5'' | Altus 26'' | Altus 24'' | Altus-Pro Model E-Bike:

Before using this product, ensure the red switch on top of the battery is turned on. Press "-" to activate the battery switch. In key position 1, the battery is locked to the frame, allowing the bike to be ridden. To remove the battery, switch to key position 2. When the product is not in use, press the "o" on the top of the red battery switch to turn it off.

2. Battery:

(1) During charging, keep the battery in a safe place out of children's reach.
(2) Store the e-bike battery in an environment with a temperature range of -20 to 45°C. Avoid placing the e-bike in areas exceeding 45°C. Below -20°C, the battery will enter a self-locking state and cannot be charged or used.
(3) Keep the battery dry, away from acidic or alkaline liquids, rain, ignition sources, and high temperatures. Clean the metal contacts with a soft, dry cloth when needed.
(4) Strictly avoid reversing the battery's positive and negative terminals, connecting them together, or damaging, disassembling, or short-circuiting the battery.
(5) Do not disassemble the battery without permission or use it unreasonably.
(6) Use the original battery and avoid using other brands or products.
(7) Use the original charger and avoid using chargers from other brands or other types of batteries.
(8) Do not cover the charger while charging.
(9) Avoid using the e-bike when the battery is not fully charged.
(10) Before charging, ensure the charging port is dry and free from faults or foreign objects. Use the correct socket (100V-240V/50HZ-60HZ) for charging. Keep the e-bike away from children, pets, and flammable objects while charging.
(11) Under no circumstances, use the e-bike while it is charging or connected to the charger.
(12) Before using the e-bike, lock the battery with the provided key and remove the key. Keep the key in a safe place. The user is fully responsible if the key is lost.
(13) If the battery or charger is accidentally immersed in water, immediately disconnect the product from power, separate the motor from the battery, cease charging, and contact us for technical support. Do not restart until guided testing is conducted.

3. Battery Handling Precautions:
(1) Dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly manner.
(2) Do not dispose of batteries in fire as they may explode or leak.
(3) Do not dispose of batteries in regular household trash.

4. Bicycle Battery Maintenance:
(1) Charge the battery daily after regular driving to maintain its service life. Charge when the battery level is between 30% and 50% and avoid deep discharge.
(2) For long-term storage (over two months), regularly charge the battery to maintain its life and usability. Perform the following steps:
- Fully charge the battery before removing it.
- Check for visible damage on the battery.
- Fully charge the battery before long-term storage.
- Store the battery in a dry, low-humidity area.
- Maintain a temperature between 5°C and 20°C.
- Protect the battery from extreme temperature fluctuations.
- Avoid direct sunlight or heat exposure.
- Ensure stored batteries are charged every three months.
(3) It's normal for the battery's capacity to decline gradually over time, and it cannot be restored once it reaches the end of its lifespan.