Brake Adjustment

Before aligning the mechanical disc brake, make sure the brake cable is properly plugged into the brake lever. If the disc rotor is bent or damaged, replace the rotor first.

If the brakes are not sensitive, loosen the fixing bolt of the brake line, shorten the braking distance of the brake line, and then tighten the bolt. Or, when the brakes are too sensitive, lengthen the brake line distance.

If the rotor always rubs against the brake pads or has too much clearance, loosen the two alignment adjustment screws, but do not remove them. Turn the wheel slowly and check the space between the rotor and the brake pads; adjust the position of the pads and rotor so that the rotor and pads avoid rubbing. When adjustment is complete, tighten the screws.

You can also order brakes from specialized dealers. The dimensions are shown on the left (in mm):