Bicycle Maintenance:
Maintaining an electric bike ensures its proper functioning and prolongs its lifespan. Here are some basic maintenance tips for an electric bike:

1.Tighten screws: Check if the front and rear wheel screws are tightened properly. Also, ensure that other connection screws on Varun electric bike are tightened.

2. Charging: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to charge the electric bike battery correctly. Adhere to the recommended charging time and frequency, and avoid fully discharging or overcharging the battery. Regularly inspect the battery connectors and charging plug for cleanliness, clean them if necessary, and ensure good contact.

3. Tires: Check the tire pressure regularly to ensure it is within the recommended range. Low tire pressure can affect ride comfort and efficiency. Also, inspect the tires for cracks, wear, or other damage and replace them promptly if needed.

4. Braking system: Ensure the braking system is working properly. Check the brake pads for wear, and replace them if excessively worn. Inspect the brake cables for looseness or rust and adjust or replace them as necessary.

5. Chain and drivetrain: Keep the chain clean and lubricated. You can use specialized bicycle chain lubricant and follow the instructions for lubrication. Check the chain tension and adjust it to the correct level if it's too loose or too tight.

6. Pedals: Check if the pedals are loose and tighten them if necessary. Also, regularly inspect the pedal axles to determine if they require lubrication to ensure smooth operation.

7. Bearings: Regularly inspect the bike's bearing components, such as hub bearings and steering bearings. If any abnormalities are detected, such as looseness, rust, or noise, take appropriate measures for repair or replacement.

8. Lights and signals: Ensure that the front and rear lights and signals are working properly. Replace any damaged bulbs or batteries and regularly check the wiring connections.

9. Cleaning: Regularly clean the external surfaces, frame, and other components of the electric bike to remove dust, mud, and dirt. Use mild soap and water or specialized bicycle cleaners, and avoid direct pressure washing of electric components.

Additionally, it is recommended to periodically inspect all components of the electric bike, including the motor and controller, to ensure their proper functioning. If encountering severe malfunctions or requiring more complex repairs, it is advisable to take the bike to a professional service center for inspection and repair.