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There are various tutorials in our video list for the repairs and daily maintenance of your Varun e-bike. There are a few suggestions that might be helpful. Please find out the video list on our YouTube channel then you can find the tutorial you might need. Or you can just contact us and describe your issue correctly, we’ll send you the corresponding link that would help you solve the problem once we received your message.

If you encounter any after-sales problems or need any guidance, please contact us through email.
Please don’t worry even if you have trouble with repairs or maintenance. We always try our best to help each of our customers in order to make them feel satisfied. Sometimes we might not be able to respond you immediately due to the time difference, but we’ll get back to you within 12 hours. By the way, we don’t work on Sunday. So you need to wait until Monday if you contact us on Sunday. Our essential target is bringing you the most memorable and satisfied shopping experience.

We are also glad to invite any of our customers to become one of our agents or distributors. If you are interested, please contact us immediately. We can discuss about more details of cooperation privately. Moreover, you can have a look at our FAQs if you have any common questions. If you can’t find an appropriate solution there, we are willing to help you individually via email. Please describe your issue completely and we’ll try our best to help you solve it.

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