Welcome to Varun Electric Bikes Information! Here you will find exciting information about electric bikes. Unlike the printed supplementary materials for bicycles, you can download detailed and up-to-date instructions for assembly and operation of the bike here.

Varun User Manual Operating Instructions in German

The manual also includes general tips for maintenance and care of the Varun electric bike!

Effective from August 11, 2023, for Varun Electric Bike Model assembly and operating instructions. In this section, you will access the AI translation instructions for the Varun electric bike display screen and how to personalize settings in programming mode.

These instructions are copyrighted by their respective display manufacturers and are provided solely for Varun e-Bikes customers who have technical expertise and an interest in them.

Varun and its representatives explicitly state that they are not liable for any responsibility, malfunctions, or damages caused to your electric bike due to changes made to the factory settings on the control unit by Varun. Changing control unit values via computer or display immediately excludes and voids the statutory warranty for electronic components.

I understand that by accessing the functions of the display and/or performing factory settings on the control unit via a PC, I will lose the legal warranty for the electric bike and wish to proceed to the download page!


LCD-Display User Manual

Here, you can find instructions for installing the display unit on Varun electric bicycles, as well as how to personalize the settings in programming mode.

These instructions are copyrighted by the respective display manufacturers and are intended for technically experienced and interested Varun e-bike customers.

Varun and its representatives expressly state that they assume no liability, faults, or damages for any consequences resulting from changing the factory settings of the Varun electric bicycle's control unit. Altering the control unit values through a computer or display unit will immediately void the statutory warranty on electronic components.


a. Ballistic | C20-1 PRO | M26-2




b.  C20-1 | C26-2



c.  M27-1



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