Activate warranty



Varun Official is only responsible for riders who purchase from the Varun Official website. We have many authorized dealers who sell Varun electric bicycles on platforms such as Amazon and eBay. If you purchased from them, please contact them directly.


The Varun Official website offers a 15-month warranty period, while our authorized dealers provide warranties for 6-12 months. Furthermore, the electric bicycles sold on the Varun Official website are the latest upgraded models, featuring the newest components and manufacturing technologies. Lastly, only customers who purchase electric bicycles from the Varun Official website will receive complimentary spare parts worth over 150 euros, which are essential and beneficial for your rides. Customers who purchase from the Varun Official website can check their shipping status anytime through our website. Our website also provides a wealth of videos and resources on maintenance and cycling that you can refer to at any time.


If you experience any issues with your electric bicycle, please contact us promptly, so we can work together to resolve the problems with your electric bicycle and get you back to your daily rides as soon as possible.

Before proceeding with the warranty, please fill out the following information to activate your warranty.