1. If there is a problem with the product during the warranty period (not artificial damage, the product has not been dismantled and modified), we will teach you how to deal with the product problem, and send you related accessories for free, until the problem is solved for you.

2. Warranty content: FRAME, CHARGER, MOTOR and BATTERY. (Water damage is out of warranty.)

3. Standard Warranty: time: 1 year. The warranty period varies from product to product. Please refer to the warranty period displayed on the product details page.

4. Please contact us and we will negotiate with you and find a way to please everyone.

5. General Exclusions – the following items are excluded from warranty:

    Damage or loss sustained during shipping – we can offer shipping insurance if you wish to mitigate this risk, but you need tell us and pay insurance fee.
    Electronic damage caused by water ingress into the bike.
    Removal or tampering of warranty stickers and water damage sticker.
    Damage caused by accidents or collisions.
    Unauthorized modification or repairs.
    Taking the bikebeyond its limitations.
    General wear and tear such as scratches and dents sustained in the general course of riding.
    Exclusion Relating To Jumping.

6. If any issue occurs, you must cooperate with varunbikein good faith and first attempt to identify and fix any problem with varun battery cycle for adults instruction. Such instruction may be provided in person, via email ( If a problem is fixed this way, the warranty claim is considered settled. When requested, you must provide varun bike with photos, videos or any other forms of evidence for assessment of warranty claims. varun electric bikes for adults cannot validate any warranty claims or provide replacement parts unless you have cooperated as per above.