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Varun I

✦✦✦Some people may hesitate when purchasing an electric bike on the Varun official website, but there's no need to worry. When you buy an electric bike on the Varun website, you'll receive better service quality, and most importantly, you can stay in touch with us at any time without worrying about being unable to contact us. The electric bikes sold on the Varun website are the latest models upgraded recently, featuring higher specifications, more mature manufacturing processes, and higher-quality materials. The staff on the Varun website are professionally trained to ensure you receive excellent service. Additionally, the electric bikes sold on the Varun official website have a longer warranty period. Furthermore, we will provide you with a free high-quality electric bike lock. There are no taxes or additional fees, no shipping charges, and faster delivery. So, overall, purchasing an electric bike on the Varun official website will be highly beneficial to you.

✦✦✦The electric bikes offered on Varun's official website are the latest upgraded models. They provide an enhanced riding experience and use higher-quality components. The performance of the latest Varun electric bikes has been improved in all aspects compared to the older models. For example, the older Varun electric bikes used a 36V electric system, while the new ones use a 48V system. The display screens of the new Varun electric bikes are all LCD, replacing the old LED screens. The motors of the new Varun electric bikes are more powerful, enabling riders to conquer steeper slopes. And the new models of Varun Electric Bicycles feature upgraded fenders and seats. These improved components provide riders with a more comfortable riding experience.And so on.

✦✦ We have multiple warehouse centers in Europe, enabling us to achieve fast shipping and warranty services. We adhere to the production standards of the European Union and the United States. We have strict control over every detail and take responsibility for the Varun brand and our customers. Our factory employs workers of various nationalities, all of whom have a genuine love for Varun electric bicycles. Varun is an inclusive family where everyone is treated equally. We welcome anyone to join the Varun electric bicycle family, and we advocate for green transportation and protecting our environment together. If you haven't had the opportunity to explore Varun electric bicycles, we encourage you to make a bold choice and choose us because we know Varun electric bicycles will bring you satisfaction and benefits in the years to come. And of course, you will also enjoy the high-quality service from Varun! Varun will continue to strive forward for many years in the future! We look forward to making Varun an electric bicycle company with a history of over a century.


All Varun e-bikes have obtained CE certification, conforming to the following test standards: EN15194:2017, EN ISO12100:2010, and EN 60204-1:2018. Certificate number: ZKT-2107163448C, ZKT-2107163450C, ZKT-2107163449C, ZKT-2111015863C, ZKT-2111015864C.


Varun utilizes its design patents certified by the EUROPEAN UNION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE, with patent numbers: No 018274774, No 008572127-0001, No 008572127-0002, No 008572127-0003, No 008572127-0004, No 008572127-0005.

✦ Varun is a highly reputable brand in Europe, selling thousands of electric bicycles to European customers annually. With our extensive technological expertise and production experience, we have gained the trust of our customers. Many of our satisfied customers have voluntarily created videos to endorse our products. In this year, we encourage you to confidently choose Varun ebikes.

✦ Electric Bikes is dedicated to delivering exquisite e-bicycles, adhering strictly to meticulous manufacturing standards. Our products are crafted using top-notch aviation materials, with each component undergoing precise CNC machining. We hold our own invention patent, and our products have received authentication from prominent international authorities, including those in the United States and the European Union. 

✦ Our unwavering commitment to innovation and technological advancement propels us forward. We collaborate closely with design teams in the United States and Europe, constantly pushing the boundaries of e-bike excellence. Our goal is to create electric bicycles that rival the futuristic visions seen in cinema.

✦ Varun electric bikes have gained popularity in Europe, captivating enthusiasts across the continent. Since our establishment in 2017, Varun has evolved into a leading manufacturer of professional electric bicycles. Spanning across 5,800 square meters, our factory produces over 80,000 e-bikes annually. Our customer base extends to every member state of the European Union, with Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the UK being our primary markets.

Varun II

✦ In 2018, after a series of meticulous modifications, our cross-country model, Varun II, exceeded all quality tests with the utmost excellence, surpassing even the rigorous criteria set by our esteemed CEO, Ian. The final result was so exceptional that we renamed it as Envoy Pro and distributed units to various national partners for extensive testing and verification.

✦ In the latter half of 2019, we embarked on establishing a distribution warehouse and after-sales service center in Barcelona, a renowned hub for cycling enthusiasts. This strategic move enabled us to deliver our products within a week throughout Europe, while also providing comprehensive technical support across the continent, bolstering our post-sales services for European customers. Additionally, we initiated commercial outreach initiatives in other continents.

✦ Finally, in 2023, we introduce the Varun e-bike to the US market, offering new and diverse experiences to our customers. Our team comprises electric bike enthusiasts and seasoned engineers from New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Guatemala, and Shenzhen. With their profound technical expertise in motor system development and telecontrol systems, Varun continues to pioneer the e-bike industry through revolutionary technology and a remarkable user experience worldwide. We embrace and value customer feedback, which assists us in enhancing all aspects of our company and products.

✦ As pioneers in the e-bike landscape, Varun will persist in innovating and bringing forth new products to the market. We invite you to stay well-informed and embark on a journey to ride the streets in absolute liberation.

Why Varun

✦ Six years later, Varun has transformed into a distinguished global brand, earning the trust of legions of riders around the world. When asked about what distinguishes us from other e-bike companies, our success can be attributed to five fundamental principles.

✦ First and foremost, we ensure unparalleled quality by meticulously selecting high-grade components sourced by our expert engineers and designers. Secondly, our Research and Development team remains dedicated to technological innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. This commitment positions our technology at the forefront of the industry, setting the stage for future trends.

✦ Thirdly, at Varun, we deeply appreciate the significance of exceptional design and take pride in crafting the most visually striking e-bicycles in the market. Fourthly, we prioritize safety and reliability, subjecting each component to rigorous testing protocols to meet and exceed the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the safety of our riders.

✦ Finally, our unwavering commitment to providing first-class customer support underscores our passion for customer satisfaction. At Varun, we prioritize the needs of our customers and strive to deliver an exceptional experience, both before and after the purchase of our products.

✦ Choose Varun, and you will unlock the realm of electric bikes. Experience advanced and safer electric bicycles that you can proudly be a part of. Join the Varun electric cycles family, and we will take immense pride in your involvement.


✦ To inquire about Varun's address information, please search for it in the online chat.